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Canadian Evan Hau Sends Life of Villans 5.14d

Calgary-based Evan Hau has climbed his fifth 5.14d/15a with a send of Life of Villans in the Hurricave near St. George, Utah. Hau has also sent five 5.14c routes, making him one of the most accomplished Canadians when it come to 5.14+ climbs.

Hau said after, “Incredible king line by Joe Kinder. I was so inspired by trying it briefly and watching others on it over Christmas that I centered a second trip primarily around this route. Stoked on the experience and how it all came together.”

Hau’s first 5.14d was Bunda de Fora in 2013, the classic hard Acephale route. After that, he said, “Maniacal devotion. Dreaming big. Relentless battling over two years. An amazing feeling when the seemingly impossible can one day feel easy. This route combines my hardest boulder problem with likely the hardest vert/slab pitch I’ve done. And the start ain’t easy either.”

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Hau’s 5.14+ Sends

Life of Villans 5.14d
Iron Butterfly 5.14d
Honour and Glory 5.14d
Seleccio Natural 5.14d
Bunda de Fora 5.14d
Cobalt Gecko 5.14c
La Esencia de la Resistencia 5.14c
Kinder Surprise 5.14c
The Prestige 5.14c
Prime Time 5.14c

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