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Canadian Evan Hau Welcomes New Year with 5.14d in Spain

Calgary-based Evan Hau has sent his project in Santa Linya, Spain, with a tick of Seleccio Natural 5.14d. On Instagram, Hau wrote, “Oh yeah! Seleccio Natural 9a [5.14d]!! After sampling this route last year I knew I had to come back! I’ve had a blast projecting this route, can’t believe it’s done!”

“It’s been the perfect training route for me for my projects back home in Canada. Now we have 8 more days to find some more projects. Photo from @firnenburgbrothers who sent this just a few days ago as well!” The first ascent was in 2012 by Jakob Schubert and has been repeated by other top climbers, including Magnus Mitdboe.

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