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Canadian Jared Nelson Sends Evilution Direct V11

Canadian Jared Nelson has ticked Evilution Direct V11 in Bishop on the famous Grandpa Peabody Boulder. Sonnie Trotter broke the news on Instagram: “Yesterday morning, before the blistering afternoon winds picked up and turned the milks into a whirlwind of destruction, fellow Canadian Jared Nelson of @kinclimbing crossed off a life climb as he floated his way up Evilution Direct V11.

“Jared had to shake off a fall from the next move on his previous attempt to muster the character to send! Congrats again bud on what is certainly one of the most outstanding highballs in North America. Follow this young lad for more dirtbag adventures, cutie pics of his dog Mona, and rapid ascents of some of the finest lines any where, any style.”

Nelson has climbed a number of hard lines, including Superman 5.14c and Revival 5.14b and had previously sent up to V12. Watch Nelson on Master Blaster 5.13+ in Zion National Park earlier this season in a video by Dan Beland below and visit his 8a.nu scorecard https://www.8a.nu/scorecard/jared-nelson/boulders/?AscentClass=0&AscentListViewType=0&GID=54a11fa8d43d9e9ed771d42cab7d0fad&fbclid=IwAR1s_38d5b-B1Zx9TvziLddU1QNlqJ3NTbJqK6TgofSMTvMcoFvWtoEl5sg

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