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Canadian Max Fisher Sends In Chamonix

Max Fisher is a Canadian east-coaster with a sweet tooth for the alpine. He’s currently sessioning the spring rock and alpine climbing in Chamonix.

By Max Fisher

Last June, when close friend and climbing partner Cory Hall passed away climbing in Peru, James Monypenny – a British climber and good friend of Cory – and I talked about putting a trip together in his honour. After some, much needed, lengthy skype conversations with James, we came up with an interesting and inspiring adventure to Pakistan’s little explored Khane Valley.

A training trip seemed like a good idea since James and I hadn’t climbed together since our trip to Patagonia in 2012/13. We talked about the Canadian Rockies, Alaska and Chamonix.

James had recently purchased a Minibus so Chamonix made the most sense, as I had a place to stay for free. Needless to say that was a huge selling point.

Due to the free accommodation, my only budget was for lift tickets and food. Since my arrival on March 31, we’ve taken advantage of four periods of good weather climbing Madness Tres Mince AI5 500 m on Pointes superieures de Pre de Bar, La Ginat AI5 1,000 m on Les Droites, attempted the Dru North Couloir Direct M7 WI6 and an awesome 10 pitch 5.10+ rock route on Pointe Lachenal.

For the next few days we’ll be doing research on numerous travel, visa and climbing logistics for Pakistan as well as coming up with our next objective in Chamonix.

Whether it’s another go at the Dru’s North Couloir Direct or the Grand Jorasses we won’t know until that window opens.

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