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Canadian Read Macadam Sends New 5.14 in Arabia

Canadian Read Macadam spends most of his time living and climbing in the Middle East. He recently sent a route he bolted last winter. He is calling it Revelation and giving it a grade of 8c (5.14b), which makes it the hardest route in Arabia and his first send of the grade.

Read Macadam sent his first 5.14 trad route this summer with a send of The Path 5.14R at Back of the Lake in Alberta.

Well, I finally put my hard hard to rest. After countless redpoint attempts (35?) since last February, when I equipped the line, Saturday I experienced a moment of clarity and effortless motion after taking it up again for the winter. That flow state. This felt like the hardest climb I have ever tried and it was for sure my longest enduring project. I'm going out and saying this could be my first and Arabia's first 8c, Revelation. It's always hard to grade something that takes so much effort, yet feels so simple when it clicks. Time will tell. But the grade doesn't matter – I am grateful for the process. Thanks to @svanabjarnason and @axlballlay for the motivation this week and and to @larrymichienzi and @miguelwillis for your tireless belays. The question, as always, once these projects are done, is what's next? Off to the Valley of Giants πŸΏπŸ’ β€’ #gohugarock #climbing #petzlgram #lasportiva #oman #revelation β€’ @petzl_official @lasportivagram @mountainextremedxb @explore_climbing

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