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Canadians Crushing in Warmer-than-Canada Spain

A number of Canadians are spending the last part of 2016 climbing in Europe, some of them in sunny Spain. Amanda Berezowski recently sent Pegue Nocturno 5.13b in Cova Gran de Santa Linya and said after, “This route had a very low percentage move and I’m pretty happy for it to be completed. The longer I’m here the more I really enjoy the powerful style of climbing at this crag and I already can’t wait to return for future projects.”

A few days before Berezowski’s send, Elan Jonas McRae ticked Ciudad de Dios 5.14d/15a in Spain. It is one of the most difficult sends of a sport route by a Canadian. Calgary-based Evan Hau is projecting Seleccio Natural 5.14d in Santa Linya and has La Esencia de la Resistencia 5.14c. Both Jonas McRae and Hau have 5.15 in mind. With two weeks left in 2016, will one of them become the first Canadian to climb a confirmed 5.15?