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Carlo Traversi’s Strong Start to Spring

There was a time when 5.14d (9a) was big news and everyone stopped in their tracks when such a grade was sent. In 2015, 5.14d is more of a sign of things to come, a means to an end.  

Joining the 9a club (climbers who’ve sent 5.14d or harder) is a rite of passage for many of the world’s best rock climbers. It says to the world, “I’m gunning for 5.15a and maybe harder.”

So, when Evan Hau, Ashira Shiriashi, Kai Lightner and even Sonnie Trotter sent 5.14d and shared their news this spring, it tells the world, “Maybe I’m the one who is going to push grades locally or internationally.”

That’s why when Carlos Traversi shared on Instagram that he’d climbed his second 5.14d in a month, people take notice.

Two weeks agao, Traversi finished fourth at the SCS Nationals. A week before that, Traversi sent Kryptonite 5.14d at The Fortress of Solitude and he has now sent Bad Girls Club 5.14d in Rifle, CO.

Traversi is climbing strong and with no signs of slowing down might soon join the 9a+ club.

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