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CERN Researcher Siara Fabbri Climbs First V14

Siara Fabbri goes from V12 to V14 with send of New Base Line

Near the end of November, Siara Fabbri sent New Base Line V14 in Magic Wood, a famous problem first climbed in December 2001 by Bernd Zangerl and repeated shortly after by Fred Nicole. “This block taught me a lot mentally and physically, and I have so many special memories on it with amazing people,” Fabbri said.

Fabbri has been climbing for eight years and started to focus more on climbing outdoors earlier this year in Magic Wood and Ticino. Her previous hardest problem was Permanent Midnight V12.

She started working on New Base Line, which was originally graded V15, this fall and made quick progress. After a few working sessions, she felt confident about climbing to the top before winter came. To warm up in the frigid conditions for New Base Line, Fabbri spent around 30 minutes on another boulder with little rest. She sent it at night in sub-zero temps. She told 8a.nu, “I did get numbed out on the send and for the topout couldn’t feel the holds – which made the wet part extra spicy.”

Fabbri works as an antimatter researcher at CERN in Geneva, more specifically: “I am currently an RA in the ALPHA Experiment at CERN. ALPHA tests Charge-Parity-Time symmetry through precise measurements with antihydrogen atoms and in the future will measure antihydrogen’s free-fall acceleration in Earth’s gravitational field.” Last week, Fabbri flashed a V10 with her climb of Bad Ass.


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