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Chinese Climbers Start Up Everest, Foreigners Banned

Nearly 30 climbers are heading up the world's highest peak during the global pandemic

A group of climbers from China have started their expedition up Everest while the peak remains closed to foreign climbers because of coronavirus. A team of 20 men and six women outfitted by Yarla Shampo Trek could reach advanced basecamp this week, according to Stefan Nester’s Mountain Adventure blog.

Everest sits on the border of China and Nepal and can be climbed from both sides. China closed its side to foreign climbers while Nepal has cancelled all expeditions in response to coronavirus. China said it’s mostly stopped the spread of the disease.

In 1960, only Chinese reached the summit of Everest, despite others trying. Many expedition operators from around the world had to cancel their climbing plans for this spring and summer due to the pandemic.