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Chris Sharma Onsights 5.14b in Spain

Chris Sharma is one of the world’s most accomplished climbers with sends of the some of the most difficult routes in the sport. He recently onsighted a 5.14b in Catalonia, Spain.

“It’s been great to just go with the flow these days,” said Sharma on his social media. “I haven’t been so focused on projects so it’s been a nice opportunity sample some classic lines and give some onsight burns.

Chris Sharma Onsighting Snuff Movies 5.14b.  Photo Gianco la Foto
Chris Sharma Onsighting Snuff Movies 5.14b. Photo Ricardo Giancola

“Yesterday, day after getting lost for an hour and a half, we finally found La Siberia sector in St llorenc de Munt . I had no idea what to try and ended up getting on a nice route called Snuff Movies 8c (5.14b).

“Without any expectations it was just so good to flow on the rock and absorb myself in the moves. It was a nice surprise to have it all come together and kind of gets me psyched to try some more onsights.”

Two months ago, Sharma msent his hardest first ascent with his 5.15b/c El bon Combat at Cova de Ocell. Sharma has onsighted other 5.14bs (In 2008: T-Rex 5.14b and Divine Fury 5.14b in Maple Canyon, Utah for example), but this goes to show he is no where near finished with his impressive career of bar-setting sends.

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Apple – Chris Sharma from Corey Rich on Vimeo.