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Climb Sudbury Shows Off Central Ontario Stone and Ice

There is a relatively new climbing organization in Canada, which is located in Central Ontario. Found between the crags of the Niagara Escarpment and walls on the northwest shores of Lake Superior is the Sudbury area.

Over the past decade, a number of climbs have been established, new crags discovered and a lot of effort put into access.

As noted on Climbsudbury.com, “Starting from the classic local crags to the newly established ones, the intent of this page is to make the details about these areas available and easily accessible to not only our newly growing community but to all climbing visitors from other areas. From the car to the crag is where we want to take you.

There is and has been a lot of continual local development in recent years, so we will endeavour to maintain real time updates on newly established routes to keep everyone informed.”

Some of the areas included are Algoma, Eyeball, Long Lake, Mill Lake and Mount Doom. Using Doom’s description as an example of what you can find, “This climbing area is located just off Hwy 35 heading from Sudbury towards Azilda, just past Big Nickel Mine Road.

“Park on the side of the highway and walk across the bog to the obvious cliffs. Bring rubber boots or a pair of shoes you don’t mind getting muddy. There is a bit of trail (which seems easier to find on the way back) but it’s still under water.

“Bolts can be found at the top of the cliff and accessed by an easy climb on the right. There are a number of cracks that are leadable with trad gear, and one bolted sport route. With a couple of crash pads, there is also a fair amount of bouldering that can be done at this location.”

And the site lists routes at the area, weather, a map and photos. Check out the routes here.

Some of the areas around Sudbury. More at Climbsudbury