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Climber Dies after Lead Fall on Crown Mountain in Vancouver

A climber died on North Vancouver’s Crown Mountain on Wednesday after taking a 75-metre lead fall.

Mike Danks of North Shore Rescue said two climbers were on Widowmaker Arete, a popular 5.9 alpine rock route.

The belayer suffered third-degree burns to his hands after four piece of protection were pulled from the rock. The lead climber ended about 35 metres below the belayer.

Widowmaker Arete

“What caused the fall, we don’t know,” Danks said. “He ended up falling, hitting the ledge where his friend was and ended up falling … into the bottom of the gully.

“This is a real tragedy for us. Our condolences go out to his family.”

Danks said North Shore Rescute was called at about 2:30 p.m. after someone called North Vancouver RCMP after hearing screams in the Hanes Valley.

The surviving climber was recovered and is now in Lions’ Gate Hospital. The lead climber was confirmed deceased at approximately 5 p.m., and the B.C. Coroner’s Service is now investigating, Danks said

North Shore Rescue posted on Facebook: “A NSR heli team was deployed to the area, and after some searching, discovered one person stranded on a rock face and another person 200 feet below in a gully near Crown.

“A long-line was used to extract the first subject on the rock face. After this person was safe, another team was inserted to access the person below. NSR’s team doctor pronounced the climber deceased at the scene.

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“With the permission of the RCMP and Coroner the deceased climber was then long lined back to Cap Gate SAR station. After interviewing the first climber it was determined that the two climbers were attempting to climb the Widowmaker Arete.

“The lead climber took a fall and 4 pieces of protection pulled out causing him to fall 200 feet – 100 feet below his belayer landing in the gully below.

“There were a number of members of the public that also assisted with the call, including a hiker who was first on scene to the deceased climber – NSR would like to extend our sincere thanks for their help.”

Crown Mountain