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Climbers Rescued After Icefall Collapse on Everest

The two suffered minor injuries and were airlifted to Kathmandu

There have been over 400 permits given to climbers from Nepal to attempt Everest this season. Earlier today, a Sherpa and a foreign climber were injured when a section of the Khumbu Icefall route collapsed as the climbers were on acclimatization rotation.

The accident, that happened above 5,500 metres, was resonded to by Tashi Sherpa, Dawa Finjo Sherpa and Sobit Gauchan from the company Seven Summit Treks. A helicopter was called to rescue the climbers and take them to Kathmandu.

“The skill and professionalism that the heli pilots exhibit in this remote high altitude environment are utterly spectacular,” said climber Tim Mosedale. “There’s very little margin for error up here, and these guys are outstanding.”

A number of teams have made it to camp two, and are now on their way down before their next rotation up to camp three. As of now, climbers can’t go up or down the Khumbu Icefall until the route is fixed. Starting on May 2, Nepal has suspended all domestic and international flights until May 15 due to Covid-19, and new visitors to Nepal must have a negative PCR test and quarantine for 10 days.