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Climbers Rescued From North Face of Temple

A climber suffered injuries after taking a fall on the Greenwood-Locke last week

A climber was rescued after taking a fall on the Greenwood-Locke on the north face of Mount Temple last week. Michelle Dvorak was leading a traverse pitch before the fall, which resulted in a few fractured bones in her back.

Dvorak, who climbed the Cassin Ridge with Fay Manners in 2022, was climbing with Kurt Ross on Temple. Both are experienced alpine climbers. After Dvorak’s fall, Ross called Parks Canada for a rescue. Visitor safety specialists responded with Alpine Helicopters and completed a helicopter sling rescue. With good weather conditions, the technical rescue went down without any problems.

This is not the first major rescue on the route. On March 25, 2010, Steve House and Bruce Miller were attempting the Greenwood-Locke when House fell 25 metres and hit a ledge. He sustained several injuries: broken ribs, collapsed lung, stable fractures of several vertebrae and his tailbone. He was taken by helicopter off of the mountain shortly after the fall as Miller was able to call out for assistance. Another climber was rescued off the route in fall 2022.

The first ascent of the Greenwood-Locke was by Brian Greenwood and Charlie Locke in July 1966. The first winter ascent was by Raphael Slawinski and Ben Firth in 2004.