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Climbers Rescued from Northeast Buttress of Mount Slesse

The climbers are reportedly OK after the impressive rescue

Chilliwack Search and Rescue members rescued two climbers from Mount Slesse on Monday afternoon. The climbers were on or near the classic Northeast Buttress when one of the climbers took a fall.

Little is known about the accident, but the search and rescue team in the helicopter had to make a remote long-line rescue. “The team got the call at 1300 hours after a climber had contacted emergency services for his partner who took a fall but was for the most part OK,” reported a Chilliwack SAR team leader on Facebook.

“Due to the highly technical terrain HEC [human external cargo] was used to pluck the pair from the side of the mountain safely. A quick rescue aided by the pair following their safety plan and staying put once help was sought.” The “quick rescue operation” got the pair of climbers back to the ground without further incident.