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Climbers Stranded on Rakoposhi, Helicopter Drops Supplies

Three tired climbers are descending to an altitude where a rescue might be possible

Three climbers became stranded on Pakistan’s Rakaposhi, and efforts are underway to rescue them, or at least ensure a safe descent .

Czech climbers Jakub Vicek and Peter Macek and Pakistani Wajidullah Nagri were stranded in camp three on Rakaposhi at a height of 6,900 metres. According to those familiar with the situation, a helicopter dropped supplies, and the three are currently descending.

Their physical state isn’t good, with all three suffering from exhaustion and frostbite. If they reach a lower area under 6,000 metres, a helicopter might be able to rescue them. The climbers are in touch with Karim Shah Nizari, who’s been updating the public on Twitter.

The three climbers are not out of trouble yet, as they have to descent hundreds of metres of steep ice and snow to reach a safe zone. Abdul Joshi, Karim Hayat, and Eid Karim are in base camp and are prepared to climb up to meet the descending climbers. Other climbers are on their way to help.

In 1984, Canadians Barry Blanchard and Kevin Doyle, and South African Dave Cheesmond, made an alpine-style ascent of Rakaposhi via the 1979 Japanese route on the north face. It was the second ascent of the route and fifth of the mountain. Read about it here.