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Climbing Continues on Everest North

As climbers and Sherpas are putting the pieces together after last week’s deadly avalanche above Everest’s Base Camp on the Nepal south side of the mountain, teams on the north (China) side continue to climb. The Chinese Base Camp is at 5,199 metres.

Here is a list of expeditions on the north side of Everest according to Explorers Web.

Bill Burke’s Expedition: Bill Burke’s Official Website Blog GPS Tracker of North Route Asian Trekking International Mount Everest Expedition Website Asian Trekking facebook

Malta Everest North 2014: The first ever Maltese expedition on the north side of Everest safely reached BC on April 18. Their climb is in support of charity Dar tal-Providenza. Maltese Everest14 Expedition

Seven Summits Club: Russian expedition has reached BC. 7 Summits Club Everest website

Adventure Peaks: The team arrived at BC on April 18. Adventure Peaks website  Adventure Peaks facebook

Summit Climb / Summit Trek: American expedition is safe, with all members resting at Intermediate Base Camp as of April 20.  Summit Climb / Summit Trek website Facebook Twitter 


More about the avalanche on Everest from National Geographic and Conrad Anker.

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