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Closure in Bugaboos Due to Snowpatch Spire Rockfall

A huge section of the east face of Snowpatch Spire collapsed this winter leaving a massive debris field and tall rock scar

A big rockfall occurred on Snowpatch Spire this winter that left a huge debris field on the glacier below and a scar where several popular rock routes once stood. BC Parks has now issued a closure for the area affected by the rockfall, see the photos below.

Several rock climbs completely collapsed during the rockfall, including the Tom Egan Memorial Route – one of Canada’s hardest rock routes. The lowest pitches of the classic Sunshine Crack also collapsed. It appears in the closure photo that Sunshine Crack will be off limits this year.

The closure notice on the BC Parks website reads: BC Parks is aware of a rockfall incident that occurred on Dec. 23, 2022 on the north end of Snowpatch Spire in Bugaboo Park. The natural occurring event triggered a significant deposit of rock into the glacial basin below, however no park facilities were impacted by the debris. The area involved is a popular recreation area during the operational season (July to September). With this in mind BC Parks has implemented a Closure Area (Travel Not Permitted – Section 17 (Park Act)) and a Rockfall Hazard Zone (Travel Not Recommended) in the localized incident area (Feb. 1 – July 15, 2023) until more information becomes available.

While it doesn’t appear on the BC Parks website, an updated closure photo has been circulating that notes the area will be closed until May 2024. Travel through the Bugaboo/Snowpatch Col is not recommended.

The Lost Climbs

422 – Chercher La Femme 5.12+ A0, 12 pitches
423 – Sunshine Wall 5.10
424 – Tekenika 5.12+, 10 pitches
425 – Men With Options 5.12, 11 pitches
426 – Sweet Silvia 5.12, 11 pitches
427 – Tom Egan Memorial Route 5.14, 14 pitches
428 – Power of Lard 5.12, 8 pitches
429 – Hobo’s Heaven 5.13, 9 pitches
430 – East Columbia Indirect 5.12-, 9 pitches
431 – Bugaboo Corner 5.10, 5 pitches
432 – Banshee 5.10, 8 pitches
433 – Stick it Where the Sun Don’t Shine 5.10+, 9 pitches
434 – Sunshine Crack 5.11-, 9 pitches