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The Cobra Lost Its Head

One of the iconic towers of the Utah desert is no more. Reports are that the Cobra Tower fell over during bad weather.

The delicate pillar was first climbed at 5.11 by Jimmie Dunn in the 90s. Many climbers have encountered rock they question and most  knew the ancient rock formation in the Fischer Towers would eventually tumble. After years of erosion, the twisting hoodoo likely collapsed during a recent high-wind thunderstorm. Without the “head” the short pillar will likely be around 5.6.

Other famous features that have fallen over in the last decade or so are the Old Man of the Mountain in New Hampshire and The Bonatti Pillar on Chamonix’s The Drus.

Alex Honnold on Cobra Pillar Photo Samuel Crossley
Before the the pillar fell over
After the pillar fell over