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Dai Koyamada Sends Longtime Project

Japanese climber, Dai Koyamada, has climbed a mega project Mount Hiei that he was introduced to three years ago.

Koyamada, 38, reported on his blog (in Japanese) that the climb follow a steep crack in a granite boulder that is followed by a five-metre slab.

He is yet to grade or name the route, but visit his blog for more photos.

Koyamada’s Blog

Dai Koyomada on his recent send of
Dai Koyamada on his recent send of a three-year project on Mount Kiei.  Photo: Koyamada’s blog

Koyamada has long been one of the world’s most cutting-edge boulderers with over 20 V15s to his name.

Koyamada had suggested V16 for two of his new routes in the past: Wheel of Life and The Story of Two Worlds low start, so it would not be a surprise if he’s most recent send is V15 or harder.

「The Story of Two Worlds low start V16」 from project_daihold on Vimeo.