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Dan Beland Sends Peregrination 5.14b in Utah

Canadian Dan Beland has sent Peregrination 5.14b at the Hurricane Cave in Utah to start his 2019.

Beland has been in Utah for most of January and said on Sendage.com after his climb, “Wow. Just about everything on this climb is awesome. A tricky thin technical section down low, a hard but cool tufa section, a bad rest and some pumpy climbing on good holds, then a wicked foot cutting gymnastic crux right at the end. So awesome.”

This month, he’s also sent: Skinwalker 5.13b, Low Jam 5.13a, Joe Dirt 5.13a, Cliff Dweller 5.13a, Killer Bees 5.13d and a number of 5.12s around St. George. Beland has sent four 5.14c’s, including Supermanboy north of Squamish.

Sometimes the send comes at unexpected times. . The other night I was telling Nicole that I hope the remaining 3 weeks of our trip would be enough to get it done. I had a good breakfast but on the drive to the crag I got hungry and grabbed a gas station sausage breakfast sandwich (gross). During my first warmup I felt weaker than normal and I had some weird new pain in my arm. For second warmup I went draw to draw up the project and discovered that my foothold for the first hard section was gone and I had to work out new beta. On the send I stuck the crux but only with 3 fingers when I had previously decided I would need 4 to be able to do the next big throw. . Maybe those little things going wrong before climbing help to relieve some of the stress or pressure that you put on yourself. Maybe it shows you that you're not playing at your absolute limit, where everything HAS to be perfect. . Regardless, I gave it everything I had and it all worked out. . ✅ Peregrination, 5.14b. . 📷 @_victor_acevedo. . @petzl_official @butoracanada @climbcragx @onwardup_campus #hurricave #climbutah #sportclimbing

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