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Dan Beland Sends Supermanboy 5.14c on West Coast

In the summer of 2015, Dan Beland sent Revival 5.14b on the Big Show in Cheakamus Canyon north of Squamish. After he clipped the chains on Revival, he wrote on Sendage.com, “So awesome! Despite being a link-up it climbs very naturally.

“A huge amount of effort has gone into this wall over several seasons and it’s all starting to come together. Still, this is just a stepping stone en route to bigger objectives.”

On May 17, he sent one of those bigger objectives and joined the 5.14c club with a send of Supermanboy on the Big Show. After his send, Beland wrote on Sendage.com, “After four years of obsession with this wall I finally ticked off the big one.

This route is SO good! On the send I had to try really hard, but I was solid and in control the entire way. Stoked.” Beland has sends of two 5.14bs, Revival at Check and ADATO at Horne Lake, and nearly 10 5.14as.

The route was first climbed by Steve “Manboy” Townshend nearly a decade ago and added a link-up into Sonnie Trotter’s Superman 5.14b. Townshend had a special 80-metre rope made for the send as the route is 40 metres long.

Beland has now climbed seven of the nine routes on the Big Show. The routes he has sent are Division Bell 5.13d, Pulse 5.14a, Revival 5.14b, Free Will 5.13c, Patience 5.14a, Heat 5.13d and Supermanboy 5.14c. The two routes he needs to climb to complete the steep wall are Superman 5.14c and Captain America 5.14b.