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Daniel Woods and Dave Graham Send New Colorado V14 and V15

Daniel Woods has sent the new Domestic Cat V14 in Chaos area of Rocky Mountain National Park. On Instagram, he wrote, “Same start as Wildcat V12, but then it goes straight out the steepest part of the wall. This boulder has some of the coolest grips and best moves in Chaos… I must have put in 180 miles of hiking up there this season.” Woods recently sent the new Black Lagoon V16 at Chaos.

About a week ago, Dave Graham made the first ascent Topaz V15, formerly the Swizzy Roof Project. “This thing is eight hand moves with five intense foot moves thrown in,” said Woods about the problem. “The crux revolves around a big move to a left hand flat mini-pinch off of a right hand quarter pad crimp. The transition to double toe hooks on the lip builds suspense and then the final left hand bump again to the arête gives a falling sensation everytime. Just had to trust that the toes were solid and quickly gain the lip again.” Watch the clip below by clicking on it.

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