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Daniel Woods Crushing in Rocklands

Daniel Woods is one of the world’s strongest boulderers and he’s been busy sending some of Rockland’s most difficult problems.

This week, Woods climbed one of Alex Megos’ new routes called Devil Wears Prana V12, which was powerful V10 climbing to a V10 compression exit.

One week ago, Woods sent one of his nearly recent projects. The seven-metre problem starts on an obvious horn and climbs perfect edges to a finishing jug at the top of an overhanging prow. The crux was a full span iron cross between small “quarter pad” edges and tiny slopers. “The landing falls away for this move making it pretty committing,” wrote Woods on his Instagram. The new route is a V14 named Noise v.s. Beauty.

A few before Noise v.s. Beauty, Woods climbed a new V9R route called Amber is the Colour of Energy. in the same area. The multi-angled route has a few nice crack holds and has a crux five metres off the deck, which involved sloping finger locks and flat-pinch cross overs. The final crux is at nearly 10 metres off the ground and uses a half-pad flat knob and quarter-pad crimp. Woods rehearsed the moves with a rope before making the first ascent.

Two weeks ago, Woods sent Fred Nicole’s Shosholoza V12. “In order for this move to go, a lot of different bodily components have to be firing in unison in order to hold the tension and make the span,” wrote Woods on his Instagram.

On his first day in Rocklands, three weeks ago, Woods teamed up with Jimmy Webb for a send of Nalle Hukkataival’s Bar One V12, Woods then flashed it.

Visit here to check out Wood’s Instagram, which is stacked with great photos.

Daniel Woods on his new V14 Noise v.s. Beauty.  Photo La Sportiva
Daniel Woods on his new V14 Noise v.s. Beauty. Photo La Sportiva

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