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Delphine Chenevier Climbs Her Second 5.14a

The veteran sport climbing has been redpointing hard routes since the late 1990s

Delphine Chenevier, 47, has climbed her second 5.14a with Courte Patte in La Cimaïette, France, after only a few sessions. Her first 5.14a was L’œuf à Plat last fall.

Chenevier climbed her first 5.13+ in the late 1990s. In 2002, she was part of the Petzl Roc Trip to Millau – you can see her climbing at around the three-minute mark in the below video. She credits her recent impressive sends to her coaches Olivier Broussouloux and Laurence Guyon at La Fabrique Verticale.

Chenevier combines a strict routine of hangboarding, MoonBoarding, core training and yoga with two days on the rock over the weekend. She plans to possibly find a new 5.14 to project.

Petzl Roc Trip 2002