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DiGiulian and Caldwell on Sports Illustrated Top 50

Sasha DiGiulian and Tommy Caldwell have made Sports Illustrated’s top 50 fittest athletes of the year list.

“With the help of a panel of trainers, exercise physiologists and performance experts,” reads the list of 50, “athletes were selected based on their performances over the last 12 months; demands and risks of their respective sports; durability; training regimens; and other physical criteria including power, speed, strength, agility, endurance, flexibility and more.​”

For the complete list of the fittest athletes according to Sports Illustrated visit here.

Sasha DiGiulian

Not even a fractured leg could stop 26-year-old Sasha DiGiulian from scaling walls and killing it in the gym. Standing at 5’2”, DiGiulian focuses on her strength-to-bodyweight ratio, finger strength and coordination through various dynamic movements and lifting exercises.

After becoming the first North American woman to climb the grade 9a (5.14d), which is known as one of the hardest climbs achieved by a female, DiGiulian is aiming for ascents on every continent.​

Tommy Caldwell

Tommy Caldwell is known for his historic free-climb ascent of the El Capitan’s Dawn Wall in Yosemite National Park and is considered one of the world’s best free climbers, along with good friend Alex Honnold.

To complete his impressive feats, 40-year-old Caldwell uses various techniques to build the aerobic conditioning and muscular strength needed to scale small edges of rocks and boulders. From mountain running to backcountry skiing, the workouts are always adventurous.