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Drew Ruana Climbs His 10th V16

He's had an very successful spring, putting up first ascents and repeating hard lines

Drew Ruana has one of the best bouldering resumes on the planet. His impressive string of hard sends from 2022 has no sign of stopping in 2023. The 23-year-old American has climbed over 100 problems V14 and harder, and he recently just reached another incredible climbing milestone, ticking his 10th V16 (8C+) with his send of Howl at the Moon Sit in Colorado. To put this in perspective, Daniel Woods has eight V16’s logged on 8a.nu (plus one V17), Jimmy Webb has five, and Will Bosi has two (plus two V17’s).

In December, Ruana made the first ascent of Bookkeeping V16, a monstrously long roof line. In February, he FA’d another of the grade, Maxwell’s Demon Sit, shorting after opening Fox and the Hound Sit V15. In April, he made the first ascent of Fort Knox V14, an R-rated highball, while also picking up sends of several other hard lines.

Earlier this month, he made the second ascent of Howl at the Moon V15 and repeated Poked by a Mermaid V14 in a single session. The following day, he opened Old Soul, New Bugatti, which is likely a high-end V14 or harder. On top of all of this, he recently put up Bark at the Moon V14.

You can check out a few of his hard recent FAs in the videos below.


Old Soul, New Bugatti V14 FA

Fox and the Hound Sit V15 FA