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Dylan Barks Sends Creature from the Black Lagoon V16

The first ascent was in 2016 by Daniel Woods

Dylan Barks repeated Creature from the Black Lagoon V16 in Rocky Mountain National Park. He’d previously climbed V14, but skipped V15. ”I believe it took me eight sessions,” he reported on 8a.nu.

“There were a few things, but understanding the friction on the crux grip was a big one. I had trouble finding the right balance of how wet or dry my skin should be to stick reliably to a fairly glassy hold in the always dry Colorado air. Letting my body adapt to the super-physical style was necessary too. And, trying real hard on my last day of the trip.”

The route, found in the Upper Chaos Canyon in Rocky Mountain National Park, was known as the Black 90 project until 27-year-old Woods took it down after two weeks of attempts. At the time, Woods had climbed 22 V15s over 22 years of climbing, and 12 were first ascent. In 2010, he made the first ascent of Hypnotized Minds V16 and in 2015 of The Process V16.

It was repeated by Dave Graham and Jimmy Webb within a year, and has been climbed by many others including Drew Ruana, Carlo Traversi and Shawn Raboutou.

Shawn Raboutou’s Send