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Easter Seals Drop Zone

Charitable organization and rope access company have teamed up to give superheros the time of their life

This came across the Gripped ‘table’ this weekend. An amazing effort by Easter Seals and RAT Technology to expose children to the thrill of being on ropes. Easter Seals is a charitable organization that provides opportunities to children with disabilities. ┬áThe program is called Drop Zone.

From their website:

Since 2005, nearly 6,000 children (Superheros) have joined the exclusive Superhero Club for Easter Seals, raising more than $10 million dollars for Canadians with disabilities. We invite you to be part of a formidable group of heroes and continue this amazing fundraising trend in 2013. By doing so you will make a big difference for families living with disabilities.

If you are interested in participating, you might be asking yourself any or all of the following questions but, if have any questions for your local event manager after reading this page, please see the Contact Us section of this website.

Is this legal?
Yes! All appropriate authorities have been notified and permits as well as insurance are in place.
Will someone train me?
Yes. Prior to your rappel you will be required to attend at least one mandatory training session provided by our highly trained experts at a local facility. The day of your rappel, you will also go through a review of the safety steps that will ensure you have a safe and fun rappel.
How safe is this?
As with everything, there are risks. It is important that you take the proper training, listen to your rappelling instructors and follow their directions. Everyone involved with your rappel has professional training and accreditation and every effort has been made to ensure you have a safe rappel.
Can I rappel if I have a physical disability?
Absolutely. If required, a trained expert will rappel with you to provide assistance.
How long will it take me to rappel?
Our experts estimate that it will take you any where from 10 – 20 minutes based on the building and the level of your experience.
Can my family and friends come see me rappel?
Only if they like to cheer you on and celebrate your fantastic achievement.
Do I need special gear or clothing?
All essential equipment will be provided, however we encourage you to wear tighter fitting comfortable athletic clothing and non marking sneakers. Superhero outfits are encouraged, especially Marvel, DC, Nintendo, or something of your own design.
Will there be people there to help me?
Yes. Highly trained experts will guide you through the whole process.
Is there an age limit?
Yes. You must be at least the age of majority in your province. If you are 70 and over, please notify your Drop Zone Coordinator.
Is there a weight limit?
If you weigh more than 275 pounds, please let your Drop Zone manager know.
What if I get tired and want to stop?
You can stop to rest quite easily by using the proper technique. Also, either the top or bottom rappelling instructor can also stop you.


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