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Emilie Pellerin Flashes Hulkosaure 5.13d in Verdon

The Quebec climber is on the mend after ankle surgery last winter

Quebec climber Emilie Pellerin has flashed Hulkosaure 5.13d in Verdon, France. Last year, Pellerin onsighted The Shadow 5.13a on University Wall in Squamish.

“I love climbing long single tufas because they are beautiful lines that test the endurance and perseverance of the climber,” said Pellerin. “When I saw a picture of Hulkosaure, it knew it was the line I wanted to try in Verdon. The route goes at 5.13d with a bouldery section to the reach the tufa.”

Pellerin has sent a number of hard routes in the past year, including Zombie Roof 5.12d on her second go and a flash of Flight of the Challenger 5.12c in Squamish and Fire in the Sky 5.13c mixed in the Adirondacks, 24 Hour Crack 5.13a trad in Acadia National Park and the burly Punky Brewster 5.13 mixed in Arapiles, Australia.

“After a big dynamic move to a crimp, I reached the tufa,” she said about the first crux on Hulkosaure. “Full on compression from there. I was climbing like a little Koala with my knees, elbows and pinching and laybacking.

“The last five metres are a bit easie, but more stressful since you know the hard part is done so you really don’t want to fall.” Pellerin had an ankle surgery last winter but got back climbing after only three months of rehab.

“My ankle was starting to get tired as I was telling to myself ‘I am able, I can do it.’ When I clipped the chains, I pushed a little scream of surprise, excitement and also relief.” Click to watch Pellerin on Hulkosaure below.

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