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Epic 14 Peak, 38 km and 4,600 m Push in Rogers Pass

B.C.'s Classic Horseshoe Traverse climbed in 24 hours

On July 17, Leif Godberson and Eric Carter linked the 14 peaks of the Horseshoe Traverse in Rogers Pass. They’re the first climbers to accomplish the objective in a push, doing it in 24 hours and 20 minutes.

The reached the summits of Avalanche Mountain, Eagle, Uto Peak, Sir Donald, Terminal North, Terminal South, Youngs, Leda, Pollux, Castor, The Dome, The Rampart, Afton and Abbot. They covered 38 kilometres and around 4,600 metres of elevation gain.

As Godberson wrote on his blog about what gear to bring, he said, “The technical difficulty of the route relatively low and is primarily made up of 4th and low 5th class terrain, along with a glacier crossing and a number of steep rappels. Below I’ve outlined the gear that I used for this day out and frequently use for similar style objectives.”

Guidebook author David P. Jones, detailed the traverse in his book with a grade of: D+ 5.4 4500+m 3-4 days 30+km, and said, “As a tour de force it is hard to beat the grand enchainment of the 14 peaks around the headwaters of Asulkan Brook and the Illecillewaet River. The Asulkan Ridge Traverse leads to Mount Young, then a traverse of Illecillewaet Icefield to the Terminal Peaks Traverse and down to Perley Rock, followed by an ascent of the Northwest Ridge of Sir Donald, and the Uto-Avalanche Enchainment.”

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