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Epic Avalanche Conditions in Canadian Rockies

It’s the end of January and avalanche conditions in the Canadian Rockies are as bad as they get.

More than one expert would tell you to just stay out of the mountains this week, at least until things settle down. Monitor the avalanche conditions here.

For the avalanche bulletin for Banff, Little Yoho, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks on Wed. Jan. 31, 2018, the statement read:

“Large and destructive avalanches are likely. Step way back and avoid avalanche terrain. Avalanche control is planned for Mt. Bosworth, Mt. Dennis Mt. Field and Mt. Whymper tomorrow. No activity permitted in these areas.”

Leading avalanche expert Grant Statham had this to say about ice climbers and avalanches, “Every year there are numerous close-calls and/or accidents with ice climbers and avalanches.

“It is a very real hazard, and it should be on your mind every time you plan to go ice climbing.

Avalanche on Polar Circus. Photo Alex Ratson

“If you don’t know much about avalanches, take a weekend course and learn. Read some books, go online. Learn to read the avalanche forecast every time you go climbing. Take it really seriously.”

Read a full interview with Statham about ice climbers and avalanches here. And be careful this week if you’re heading to the mountains.

Statham gave a TEDx talk about risk in 2013, watch below.