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EpicTV and Their April Fools Joke?

EpicTV is so tapped into the scene of climbing, they’re the first to report the first ascent of a possible 5.15d in the Chamonix area.

Given that it’s April Fools, it seems more likely that this is a well-timed prank.

While details are fuzzy and there’s no video footage, Adam Ondra, Chris Sharma and Alex Megos are all reportedly heading to the site of the send right now. Believe it? Let’s see what happens this week.

From EpicTV: Climbing history has just been made in the Chamonix Valley, France where a little-known British climber has made the first ascent of a long-term project for which he is proposing the grade of 9c. If the grade is confirmed, the ascent will call into question the need for rigorous training regimes and carefully planned performance.

Details surrounding the ascent remain remarkably sketchy and as yet no witnesses or video footage has been produced to confirm the ascent. However, given the ascensionist’s long-standing relationship with this show and his reputation as a bang up guy, we’re more than happy to take his word for it…even if he was several pints in when he told us.

An unnamed source has also informed us that since hearing the news, Adam Ondra, Alex Megos and Chris Sharma have dropped their current plans and are already converging on the valley. When asked about the route, Megos stated that he Chris and Adam intend to use combined tactics to get over the rumoured V17 boulder problem start.

What do you think?