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Ethan Pringle Sends Jumbo Love 5.15b

A week ago, we reported that Ethan Pringle was busy projecting the Clark Mountain test-piece Jumbo Love, a route he first tried nearly five years ago.

Making the most of the recent good weather at California’s Clark Mountain, Pringle is closer with ever session to making the second ascent of Chris Sharma’s 5.15b Jumbo Love.

“Well, we’re still here at Clark Mountain, Jumbo Loving it up,” wrote Pringle on his Instagram. “I definitely didn’t have most positive attitude when we got here today (bad sleep last night, etc) but I realized heck, today’s’ just another day and double heck, conditions are perfect so I might as well give it my all anyway.

Update: DPM reported that Pringle sent Jumbo Love, the hardest route in America, on May 17. For the full story, visit here.

“I ended up climbing through the first crux (above photo) and matching my high point on my first try of the day so that was sweet. It just reaffirmed my belief that the good conditions up here really do make a huge difference to my performance.

Watch Sharma on Jumbo Love

“And so does my attitude. The RP crux is still feeling really hard. I think I just need to stop effing around with alternate beta, stick with what I know and just get up there and try freaken hard. That’s all for now. Psyched to be up here today and psyched that the conditions are still primo this ‘late’ in the game.”

How Jumbo Love Got Started

Ethan Pringle started to report about Jumbo Love as far back as 2007 and the route was redpointed in 2008 by Sharma. Pringle has been attempting the route on and off for nearly a decade.

Watch Pringle Attempt Jumbo Love:

3 Days With Ethan Pringle from 3 Strings on Vimeo.

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