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Eva Hammelmüller Sends an Adam Ondra 5.14

The route follows a stunning line up a vertical wall with discontinuous cracks

Eva Hammelmüller, 22, climbed her second 5.14c of 2023 with Pungitopo in Arco, Italy. She started the year with repeat of the classic La Ligne Claire 5.14c at St. Léger after nine tries.

After sending Pungitopo, she roped back up and sent it again shortly after to get it on video. “Found myself on top of the route a second time,” she said. “I have never re-climbed a route as hard as this before, especially not within an hour.” The route was first climbed last year by Adam Ondra, after Francesco Morandi bolted it. About the route, Ondra said, “The route is amazing. There are some incredible moves, incredible holds, like these slopey, horizontal cracks that require crimping the hell out of it. It’s just amazing.”

At the start of 2021, Hammelmüller sent her first 5.14d with Underground at Arco after 11 attempts. Her one other 5.14c was Tunnelblick in Austria in 2020. When it comes to 5.14b, she’s climbed a total of 14, including Janus in Austria and Strelevod in Slovenia.

In 2020, Hammelmüller made the first ascent of Covid-19 at 5.14a/b at Weyer Neu in Austria. “I’ve been trying this route since I was 14 years old, and having it done now is unbelievable,” she said about her first ascent. “The route is steep, powerful, and feels amazing to climb.” Hammelmuller, who started climbing 13 years ago, is a two-time European youth champion in 2017 in Lead and Combined. She’s also a nine-time Austrian youth champ.

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