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Evan Hau Sends Hard New Rockies Route

The Canadian Rockies have thousands of sport routes, but with so much untouched rock it’s easy to find new and esthetic routes close to home.

Calgary-based crusher Evan Hau recently found a new wall to develop and called it the Apocalypse Cave. The first route Hau developed was Kerplunk 5.11c, which has been repeated by Josh Muller.

Hau recently sent his project that he began bolting in 2014 and said, “Today I managed to send the hardest route I’ve ever developed completely from scratch, Ants in Overdrive 5.13d.

“It turned out to be easier than I thought though the consolation is it turned out way cooler than I thought. Psyched on the process of creating new routes and super psyched on this wall. Can’t wait to get some more lines up.”

Follow along in Hau’s development on Sendage.com here.

Evan Hau's new Ants in Overdrive 5.13d.  Photo Evan Hau
The Apocalypse Cave. Photo Evan Hau

In 2012, American sender Joe Kinder visited the Rockies and made the first repeat of Bunda de Fora at Acephale after a key hold broke. This short video gives those who have never visited the Rockies for sport climbing an idea of the quality of rock.

Saving Summer Teaser from Joe Kinder on Vimeo.

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