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Evan Hau Sends New 5.14d in Bow Valley’s Vsion Cave

Hau made the second ascent of Sacrifice 5.15a earlier this summer

Evan Hau made the second ascent of Sacrifice 5.15a earlier this summer and has followed up the big send with the first ascent of Bow Valley Challenge.

Hau is no stranger to 5.14d lines, as he’s climbed at least five now including Life of Villains, Honour and Glory, Seleccio Natural and Bunda de Fora.

About his new Bow Valley Challenge, Hau said: “I bolted this amazing route in 2017. After some good progress in 2018, I dropped everything to focus on Sacrifice. Back on it this summer, after a lot of one hangs, I finally put it together.”

The powerful route is found in the Vsion Cave in Stoneworks Canyon at the base of Lady Macdonald. The cave is named after The Vsion climbing gym, which was owned by Dung Nguyen. The gym closed when a town-owned recreation centre called the Multiplex was scheduled to open.

The rec centre included a climbing gym and was renamed Elevation Place. A promise to Nguyen was made that he would be allowed to operate the new facility. However, the town of Canmore reneged on their deal and Nguyen moved to Montreal to help operate and coach at Allez Up.

“The route is named after a fun boulder competition The Vsion used to host called Bow Valley Challenge,” said Hau. He suggested the grade of 5.14d for his new line.

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