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Everest Expedition to Find Lost 1924 Climber Andrew Irvine

The film The Ghosts Above follows a 2019 expedition to solve a nearly 100-year-old mystery

In 2019, Renan Ozturk took part in an Everest expedition that hoped to solve one of the biggest mysteries in Himalayan mountaineering by finding the body of British climber Andrew Irvine.

While attempting the first ascent of Everest in 1924, Irvine and his climbing partner George Mallory disappeared somewhere high on the mountain’s northeast ridge. The pair was last sighted only a few hundred metres from the summit, and it is unknown if the pair reached the summit before they died. Mallory’s body was found in 1999, but Irvine’s body has never been found.

Many believe that in Irvine’s pocket, there may be his camera that might have photos that could prove that the two reached the summit 29 years before Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.

The Ghosts Above follows the 2019 expedition. It’s directed by Taylor Rees, Jay MacMillan and Ozturk.

The Ghosts Above