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Famous Chocolate Forced to Drop Famous Mountain Logo

Toblerone to drop the Matterhorn from its packaging

There may be no more iconic chocolate bar than Toblerone, which first hit shelves 125 years ago in Bern, Switzerland. The candy bar is a mix of honey, Swiss milk and almonds and it comes in a triangle shapes that resembles a mountain range.

The original wrapping featured a bear and eagle, but they were replaced in 1970 by the Matterhorn, one of Switzerland’s most famous peaks. Toblerone is being forced to drop the image of the Matterhorn because the American company that owns the brand is shifting manufacturing to Slovakia. In 2017, Switzerland introduced rules that stated a brand can’t use the country’s landmarks if the product is not solely produced there, which means no more Matterhorn logo.

“For legal reasons, we have to adapt our packaging to the Swissness legislation and, among other things, remove the Swissness notice on the front of the Toblerone pack,” a Mondelez spokesperson told NPR news. “The Toblerone bars are still and will continue to be produced in Switzerland.” That includes replacing the phrase “of Switzerland” with “established in Switzerland” on the label, and scrapping the iconic Swiss mountain that’s graced its boxes since 1970.

The company has yet to unveil its new design, but noted, “A modernized and streamlined mountain logo that is consistent with the geometric and triangular aesthetic. The other changes to the packaging also reflect Toblerone’s heritage. The font and brand logo are inspired by the Toblerone archives and include the signature of our founder Tobler.” Read a story about a 41-pitch 5.12 on the Matterhorn here.