Canadian Sarah Hart, climbing with the American alpinist Colin Haley has done the first female ascent of the route Mate, Porro y Todo lo Demás on the North Pillar of Fitz Roy to the summit. Soon after Hart and Haley’s ascent Americans Madeline Sorkin and Kate Rutherford climbed the same route and completing what’s most likely the fourth all female ascent of Fitz Roy.

Following closely, Slovenian team Luka Krajnc and Tadej Krišelj have climbed a new line on Pillar Goretta, naming it The Real Kekec.

This season in Patagonia has an impressive list of repeats and first ascents. Guidebook author Rolando Garibotti wrote about the incredible “upward momentum” that has been effecting climbing in Patagonia lately. Because of advances in communication, forecasting, and access to necessities in town, Patagonia has become more accessible to climbers. Although this means the loss of Patagonia as a place of legends, it does mean more people are able to have a fantastic experience in the mountains.  Rolando writes that Patagonia may no longer be a “mythical range,” but, “instead it is a phenomenal playground where hundreds of climbers are having deeply fulfilling experiences. We may shed a few tears for what has been lost, but it is hard not to have a big smile in one’s face for what is happening.” – Emily Purcell