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First Ascent of Massive Faroe Islands Sea Cliff

The strong team of Cedar Wright, Yuji Hirayama and James Pearson have made the first ascent of Cape Enniberg, a 754-metre sea cliff and the most northern wall in the Faroe Islands.

The massive sea cliff is one of the largest in the world and has a large lake that sits on top, which appears to be floating over the ocean when viewed from certain angles. The area often has sudden fog storms that can roll in and cover the walls.

Below are a number of social media posts from the climbers that sum-up their experience. There will surely be a film about their ascent. (Click to watch the first clip)

We'll.. that was totally SURREAL! In a 16 hour push, @onceuponaclimb @stonerideryuji and I just got the first ascent of Cape Enniberg, which at 2400 feet is one of the biggest sea cliffs in Europe! It was an all out Choss Battle, complete with puking birds (one puked in my face!), loose blocks, dirt filled cracks, vertical grass, slashing rain, and huge run-outs! I would call Cape Enniberg more of a "Sea Mountain" than sea cliff, with the upper half entailing more steep vegetation than rock, and some of the scariest 100 foot runout dirt belly flop mantles I've endured! The local villagers gave us gifts, food, and the warmest heroes welcome when we got down, and it all felt very meaningful. The monolithic Enniberg was one of the weirdest and most adventurous climbs of my life, and it was a true pleasure to survive it with James and Yuji. @thenorthface

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