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First Reported Ascent of Jeannette Peak in Eastern B.C.

Jeannette Peak in eastern B.C. is 3,089 metres high and until this April was likely unclimbed.

The peak is located in the Selwyn Range of the Canadian Rockies and was first climbed on April 2 by Canadians Pascale Marceau and Vern Stice and American Lonnie Dupre.

The team found no records of the mountain being climbing and the objective hazards suggest that any previous ascent would’ve had to be done by experienced climbers who probably would’ve recorded it in an alpine journal.

Dupre and Marceau made an attempt on the mountain three weeks prior to their successful ascent, but were turned back 120 meters from the summit.

They returned in early April and added Stice to the team, finding success along the northwest shoulder and western ridge of Jeanette Peak.

Canadian climber and guidebook author David P. Jones said, “From my perspective, it seems fewer and fewer folk are willing to get off the beaten track and explore without the benefit of a guidebook — so it’s always great to see there are still a few skiers and climbers venturing into more remote areas of the mountains.”

For more information visit Dupre’s blog here.

On Jeannette Peak Photo Lonnie Dupre