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Footage from Climber’s Drone as it Crashes into Ontario Rock

Aric Fishman owns a guiding company in northern Ontario called Outdoor Skills and Thrills. He has been working on a new guidebook for the rock climbing areas around Thunder Bay. He was recently photographing the cliffs at Orient Bay north of Nipigon with a drone. Unfortunately, his drone lost control and crashed into the rock and the forest below. “This is the last footage my drone captured when I lost transmitter control while taking aerial photography for a new guidebook,” said Fishman.

“What a beautiful death. Isn’t northern Ontario is gorgeous?” The drone was found a week after the accident by climbers Duncan Hutchison, Jeff Gilpin and Kyle Brooks. The drone is pretty mangled, but luckily the memory card was undamaged,” said Fishman. Watch the final moments the drone captured before crashing.