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Four New Big Ice Routes Near Lillooet up to WI4+

The area is close to Bridge River and has many unclimbed ice lines

The ice climbing around Lillooet, B.C., continues to be developed with four new long routes up to 160 metres. Danny O’Farrell, Steve Janes and Quinn Park climbed three of the new routes this past weekend.

The trio have called the are Top Gun, after the hit movie, and have named the routes after quotes from the film. “Please be aware after significant snowfalls and late season, the area can be prone to major avalanche hazards,” said O’Farrell.

The area is about a 30-minute drive from Goldbridge down the Bridge River Main Forest Service Road. The majority of routes begin seven kilometres past Jamie Creek Hydro Station. The routes are: Two o’s in Goose WI4 160m, Because I Was Inverted WI4 150m, She’s Lost that Loving Feeling WI4 120m and Jester’s Dead WI4+ 80m.