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Fundraiser for Injured B.C. Comp Climber

Autumn Ewaskow was at Lakit Lake when a rock she was standing on collapsed. Donate to a fundraiser to support her and her family

B.C. competition climber Autumn Ewaskow was involved in an accident at a climbing area near Cranbrook that resulted in a serious injury. A fundraiser has been organized by the First Baptist Church in Cranbrook to help the family with expenses she recovers.

“As many of you know, Autumn Ewaskow was in a freak accident on Sunday April 30. She was at Lakit climbing with friends, and while standing on a 6ft tall rock taking photos, a piece of the rock she was on broke off,” the fundraising page reads. “Autumn jumped, but her foot slipped and she fell, landing on her head. The big piece of rock that broke off bounced and then rolled onto her back. She was unconscious but breathing. Search and rescue and ambulance transported her to East Kootenay Regional Hospital.”

Ewaskow had podiumed several times over the years, including winning at a youth event in Calgary in 2020. In the below video from last May, she competes with her coach Gord McArthur cheering her on.

Ewaskow remains in an induced coma and in the coming days will have further imaging and tests to assess her health and brain functioning. For more information and to donate to the fundraiser visit here.