Fundraiser for Top Climber Carlos Buhler After Accident

He suffered numerous head and back injuries after a mountain biking fall

May 20th, 2020 by | Posted in News, Profiles |

Renowned alpinist Carlos Buhler recently had a serious mountain biking accident near his home in Canmore. He is currently in a hospital in Calgary where he’s being treated for multiple head, neck, and spinal injuries that he suffered as a consequence of his crash.

He’ll be able to leave the hospital soon but will need ongoing physical therapy and support over the next few months. A fundraiser is asking for your donations of any size to help him navigate his road to recovery and get back to a ‘normal’ life of adventuring, exploring, and teaching in the mountains. Visit here for the fundraiser.

Notable ascents by Buhler include the first winter ascent of the north face of Mount Temple in 1977, the North Ridge of K2 in 1996, the Diamir Face in 1997 and many first ascents in the Andes and Alaska. Visit his Instagram below for some of his adventures.

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