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Fundraiser for Joshua Tree Climbing Ranger Injured

On Thursday, Sept. 14, Joshua Tree climbing ranger Bernadette Regan was injured in a climbing accident while in the park.

The story on the fundraising page reads, “While the details are still filtering in, the good news is that Bernadette survived.

“She is currently in critical condition in Palm Springs, and on Friday underwent surgery to reconstruct her arm and leg.

“She sustained full body injuries including two skull fractures, although the doctors are initially saying that her head and back are fine.”

The most recent update reads, “Bern is steadily improving. The medical professionals are hoping to move her to a traumatic brain injury rehab center in the near future although she needs to pass a few tests first. We are waiting to hear more.”

Our climbing community has a track record of helping others by using fundraising websites. Visit below to help if you can.

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Bernadette Regan was injured on Sept. 14

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