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G7 Pod, World’s Lightest Portaledge, Raises $130,000 in a Day

Squamish-based equipment company G7 has raised $130,000 for their new inflatable portaledge called the G7 Pod. The new ledge only weighs 1.5 kilograms, much lighter than other models on the market. The four-season ledge cuts six kilograms off the traditional 7.5 kilogram single-framed portaledge.

“Imagine climbing grade VII walls lighter and faster than ever before,” the fundraising page says. “This ledge is so light it unlocks the impossible.” It seems a lot of people can imagine climbing grade VII walls lighter and faster, because in 45 seconds of starting the campaign, they raised nearly $20,000 and within two hours, the G7 Pod was at the top of Kickstarter’s trending project page. Within 10 hours, they raised over 230 per cent of their goal.

To see what all the fuss is about, visit the Kickstarter page here and don’t be surprised if the future of big wall climbing revolves around the inflatable portaledge.