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Getting Ready for the 2011 TOUR DE BLOC NATIONALS, Sunday April 17th, Climber’s Rock, Burlington.

As the last stop of the 2011 tour de bloc approaches, Climber’s Rock in Burlington, ON is already filled with energy for the coming weekend. The setters, Jody Miall, Chris Danielson, and Aaron Eden are well into their work of setting problems for qualifiers and finals to divide what could be a huge field of competitors looking to be the Canadian National bouldering champion. Certainly not an easy task for any level of competition, but at a national level the pressure on the setters to deliver problems which are equally challenging to all competitors is a mammoth task. They set, they discuss, forerun, tweak, and forerun again from morning into the evening. When the comp is all over, and there were hopefully no complication they can sit back and relax knowing they did their job well. They may not get the same recognition as the climber’s who win these competitions but without their effort none of it would happen.