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Gill Peet Sends 100-metre Long 5.14 Boulder in U.K.

U.K. climber Gill Peet has sent the long and pumpy 5.14 boulder problem called Traverse of the Gods at Craig y Longridge in Lancashire.

UKClimbing.com reported the news with an extensive interview, in it Peet said, “Despite sub-optimal conditions, I was able to recover at all the rests and managed to chicken wing my way through the last couple of hard moves of Bend of the Rainbow to find myself bridged at the final rest ready for the very last section.

“I was excited that I could possibly do this, but then I would reign my thoughts back in and reminded myself that I might not do it on the first link. The thought of having to do it again also spurred me on to complete it.

“Shaking my arms out for the last time, unsure if they were ready or not, I pushed myself through the final low section to the finishing jugs of the Traverse of The Gods.”

Watch Nick Moulden send the test-piece problem below.